TAC Foundation (The parent NGO for MADAV) has decided to step in to the situation and has helped over one hundred individuals and families in Nigeria out of total starvation during the lockdown period.

It all started on Wednesday the 25th of March 2020 with a single post on Instagram by the founder asking people to come together to support the people who might be finding it difficult to stock up on food during this difficult time.

Not long after that, with the support of the friends of TAC FOUNDATION, we swung into action and started distributing food items and hand sanitizers to the people we could reach, bank transfers to those we can’t reach.

The relief program is still ongoing during the total lockdown which started in Lagos state on Monday the 30th March 2020.

You can register here and follow us on Instagram for updates.

Below are pictures of our supporters. God bless them and replenish their pockets