David Folaranmi travelled to the the UK for his second degree in 2010.
In that time he began to use hard drugs that included marijuana, mushrooms, ecstasy, ketamine, heroin and most notably, crack cocaine.

This spiraled into a chronic addiction that spanned close to seven years.
In that time he was in and out of rehabilitation.
He lost a couple of friends to drug overdose, but in August 2017, after an attempted suicide that was nearly fatal, he finally decided to stop. He eventually got clean, and stayed clean.

He launched the David Folaranmi Foundation where he and his team go to schools, youth gatherings and religious settings to speak to youths about the ills of drug abuse, using his story as a focal point.

He has done this successfully for 3 years, reaching over 20,000 youth in the process. He has received awards for his work and has been featured on several media outlets.